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Who is Pictographics?

Pictographics International Corporation develops and licenses high-quality color correction and color management technology for use in digital photo imaging software, digital cameras, and photo printers to Make the Color Right!PictoColor's  award winning iCorrect OneClick, iCorrect Portrait, and iCorrect EditLab fast and easy color correction software and inCamera digital camera and scanner ICC profile software incorporate digital color technology licensed by Pictographics.

Pictographics International Corporation is a leading provider of ICC compliant digital color technology used in advanced color management applications. Through technology license partners and end user software products, Pictographics® Digital Color Technology is used to Make the Color Right on digital images that are seen by hundreds of thousands of people every day as they read their newspapers, page through a catalog, look at a billboard or magazine ad, watch an animated movie, or share photographs with a friend. So, even if you have never heard our name, it’s very likely you’ve seen the results of our technology at work.

One of the major problems encountered by professionals and amateurs engaged in the rapidly-growing digital imaging field is that the color is not right. Digital cameras, scanners, display monitors, and printing devices all “see” color differently and often introduce subtle (or not so subtle) color changes to a digital image. Pictographics Digital Color Technology is used to manage the process of making the color right whether a digital camera or scanner captures the image, or the image is being displayed on a computer monitor or printed on a printer. Pictographics' award winning OneClick, Color Correct and Color Edit technology makes color correction fast and easy

Pictographics® Digital Color Technology
Pictographics’ core technology from which solutions to color management problems are created, Pictographics Color Technology, is a set of algorithm libraries (a tool set) that can be used to correct color throughout the digital imaging process from image capture, to display, to print.

Pictographics Licenses Technology and Products
We develop digital color technology and license the technology to digital imaging hardware manufacturers, software developers, system companies, and distributors.

  • Digital cameras (low, medium, and high end)

  • Printers (ink jet, photographic, newspaper, etc.)

  • Film animation production (feature films)

  • Scanners (negative, print, large format, etc.)

  • Postscript RIPs

  • Special in-house printing systems

  • On-line photo services

  • Digital mini-lab systems

  • In-store printing systems

  • CD/DVD Publishing Systems

  • Photo Kiosks

  • Photo ID Printing Systems

Pictographics Partnerships and Licensing Program
We license our products and technology through an expanding network of business partnerships. Contact us for more information on the Pictographics Licensing Program.

Pictographics® Digital Color Technology 

--Used Worldwide to Make the Color Right!

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