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Technology Licensing and OEM Programs

Technology Licensing

Pictographics Digital Color Technology is a set of color management algorithms that Make the Color Right. These algorithms are organized into customized color management libraries and are available to software and hardware developers under Pictographics Technology Licensing Program.

Pictographics technology licenses are offered upon payment of a Master License Fee and per unit royalty license fee or a one time "paid up" royalty license fee. Technology licenses are available for the following libraries.

Pictographics Color® Suite: A suite of Color Management Libraries

Pictographics OneClick: A color correction library incorporating Pictographics OneClick Color technology-the color engine in the PictoColor OneClick Photoshop Plug-in and CorrectPhoto Digital Photo Editor.

Pictographics Color Correct: A color correction library incorporating Pictographics Skin Tone Technology-the color engine in the PictoColor iCorrect Portrait Photoshop Plug-in.

Pictographics Color Edit: A color correction and editing library-the color engine in iCorrect EditLab Pro Photoshop Plug-in and iCorrect EditLab ProApp color correction and color editing products. 

Pictographics Imaging Utilities: A set of image processing and data processing utility libraries used in the development of applications.

OEM and Private Label Programs
Pictographics develops customized OEM and Private label software products. 

Licensing and OEM Information and Pricing
For detailed information and pricing for Pictographics Licensing and OEM programs please contact:
Wayne Huelskoetter at contact us or call 952-894-8890.

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