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Pictographics® Color Correction and Color Management Technology Libraries

Color perception is not only in the eyes of the beholder, it is also at the mercy of the digital camera, scanner, monitor and printing devices. Creating and maintaining accurate  image color is one of today's critical digital imaging challenges.

Pictographics® Digital Color Technology is a set of color correction and color management libraries that Make the Color Right. These libraries are organized into four categories and are available to  software and hardware developers under Pictographics Technology  Licensing Program.

Pictographics® Color Suite
A suite of Color Management Libraries for creating and editing ICC profiles for digital cameras,  scanners, monitors, and RGB and CMYK printing devices. Pictographics' inCamera®,  inCamera® Professional, and ColorSynergy® software products incorporate Pictographics  Suite libraries.

Through technology license partners and end user products, Pictographics® Digital  Color Technology is used to "Make the Color Right"™ on  digital images that are seen by hundreds of thousands of people every day as they  read their newspapers, page through a catalog, see a billboard or a magazine ad,  watch an animated movie, or share photographs with a friend.

Pictographics® Color Correct
The Pictographics Color Correct Library is the color engine behind PictoColor's award winning iCorrect® Portrait "point and click" color correction Photoshop Plug-in. It features Pictographics proprietary SKIN TONE technology that makes people "come alive". iCorrect Portrait is a favorite tool of wedding and portrait photographers saving them countless hours color correcting people photos.

Pictographics® Correct Digital Color Technology provides a very powerful means  whereby digital images may be color corrected with very little human interaction.  Pictographics Correct also includes Pictographics' patent pending memory color  algorithms. Pictographics' unique race-independent skin tone memory color has found special favor in portrait, wedding and school photography markets. This technology is may be licensed by digital imaging software developers, system companies, hardware manufacturers, and Internet based imaging services.

Pictographics® Color Edit
The Pictographics Edit Library is the color correction and editing engine behind PictoColor's award winning iCorrect® EditLab and iCorrect® OneClick products.

Pictographics Color Edit offers a revolutionary, yet simple and straightforward, way of color 
correcting and color editing any digital picture. Pictographics Color Edit is so powerful that even novices can obtain spectacular results that would typically require an in-depth understanding of color theory to achieve. Pictographics Edit also includes Pictographics' patent pending memory color algorithms. These algorithms allow for very quick and easy correction of several special colors including sky blue, foliage green, and skin tones.

Pictographics® OneClick
The Pictographics OneClick Library is the color correction engine behind PictoColor's iCorrect OneClick Photoshop Plug-in and CorrectPhoto Digital Photo Editor.

The Pictographics OneClick color technology automatically corrects the white balance, exposure, and saturation with one click. And, with just one click you can create stunning Black and White or Sepia Tone photos.  The OneClick color correction technology is available for  integration into computer operating systems, photo editors, online photo sites, social network sites, or any other digital photo software or hardware application.

Pictographics® Utilities
The incorporation of Digital Color Technology into imaging devices and systems often 
requires combining the color technology with image processing and data processing 
functions. The Pictographics® Utilities Library was developed to assist in the 
development of applications and include utilities for:

  • Image file format transformations

  • Image scaling

  • "De-mosaicing" two dimensional light sensor arrays

  • Sharpening

  • Non-linear interpolation functions

  • Screening and half toning techniques 

  • "Red-eye" removal

  • Image cropping

  • Rotation

  • Zooming

  • Image uniformity correction

  • Noise filtering, etc.

These utilities are generally used in conjunction with digital color algorithms in custom 
configurations to solve specific image quality issues. Example applications include 
digital cameras, digital printers, and negative film scanners.

Pictographics® Digital Color Technology Libraries--are available as a library or DLL compiled 
for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems and are compatible with the ICC (International 
Color Consortium) standards. Our technology is employed by companies throughout the world. Examples are:

  • The Walt Disney Company—Feature animated movies

  • DataCard Corporation—Photo ID systems

  • CCI Europe—Newspaper printing systems

  • Fargo Electronics—Photo ID Printers

  • Primera Technology, Inc.—CD label printers and disc publishing systems

  • Major newspapers, such as USA Today, The Chicago Tribune 

  • Hundreds of commercial photo labs and printers companies

  • Thousands of professional digital photographers 

  • Thousands of amateur digital photographers

Because of the high quality and comprehensiveness of Pictographics Digital Color Technology and our 
experience integrating color technology into products and systems, Pictographics International 
Corporation is a leading licenser of digital color technology. Our clients understand the importance of 
color quality and the necessity of partnerships to reduce the "time to market" in a fast, e-commerce 
based society. There are many applications where various aspects of our technology can be applied and 
we are open to working on specific projects or a more comprehensive technological alliance. 

Application Program Interface
Application Program Interfaces (API) describing the Pictographics Technology Libraries are 
available to qualified developers. To request a copy please contact us

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