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Pictographics Color Suite:
The Premier Set of Pictographics Digital Color Management ICC Technology Libraries

Color perception is not only in the eyes of the beholder, it is also at the mercy of the scanner, monitor and output device. Creating a consistent image across platforms and output devices is one of today's critical computing challenges.

With the Pictographics Color Suite, a suite of color management libraries, developers can incorporate proven ICC color technologies into new products. The result is faster time to market, with enhanced color handling capabilities. All backed by Pictographics' full-service commitment.

The Pictographics Color Suite includes four Pictographics libraries that are useful for controlling color in various types of environments. The libraries are written to strict ANSI C specifications and have been ported to many different computer platforms and operating systems. The APIs of the libraries remain exactly the same across all platforms, thus making it easier for the library user to port his application to other environments, should the need arise.

The intent of these libraries is to provide users with the highest quality color technology, packaged in a way that is easy to use by people who may not be well versed in color theory or color reproduction. In this way, professional level color control may be brought to products and processes without needing to develop this technology in-house. This results in much better products and a reduced time to market.

Library Organization

The four libraries in the Pictographics Color Suite are:

  • Profile Library: (ProfLib) used to create Pictographics device profiles
  • Profile Export Library: (ProfExLib) used to export, or convert Pictographics device profiles to other formats
  • ColorCircuit Transform Library: (CCTLib) a general color transformation engine
  • Image Format Library: (RasLib) provides a high level access to various image file formats.

Profile Library

A "C" callable library that allows precision color device profiles to be easily made. This library provides the means to create Pictographics format profiles for any type of imaging device, such as scanners, monitors and printers. Supported color types are grayscale, RGB, CMY, CMYK, PhotoYCC and CIELAB. It includes test pattern generators for creating output profiles. It has interfaces to IT8.7/1 and IT8.7/2 scanner targets and reference files for creating scanner profiles. Full support for rendering intents and tone compression is included. Pictographics profiles may be exported with the Profile Export Library.

Profile Export Library

A "C" callable library that exports Pictographics format profiles (created with the Profile Library or Candela ColorSynergy application) as one of many standard forms such as ICC Device Profiles, ICC Device Link Profiles, PostScript Level 2 Color Rendering Dictionaries, Adobe Photoshop Color Separation Tables, Adobe Monitor Setup files and Pictographics ColorCircuits. The ColorCircuits exported by the Profile Export Library may be used with the ColorCircuit Transform Library.

ColorCircuit Transform Library

A "C" callable library that transforms colors through Pictographics ColorCircuits.   The Pictographics Circuit Transform (CCT) is a color profile that uses advanced, three dimensional, non-linear functions to ensure optimum color quality.  It was developed prior to the introduction of the ICC profile, yet is fully compatible with ICC profiles through the Profile Exchange Library.  The benefits of CCT are smooth and continuous color transformations, small files (less than 64K Bytes compared to 500K Bytes for the ICC profile), 8/16 bits per channel, and support for RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, Lab, and YCC.  CCTs are applied via the ColorCircuit Transform Library, a highly optimized platform independent color engine (CMM).

This library contains the functions to process input memory buffers of color (8 or 16 bits per channel) through ColorCircuit transformations, placing the results in output memory buffers. The buffers of color may represent a single pixel, a single line, a band of an image, an entire image, or any arbitrary set of colors. Supported color types are RGB, CMYK, grayscale, CIELAB and Photo YCC for the inputs or outputs. Unsharp masking may optionally be applied during the color transformation process. This library is useful for integration into RIPs, or device drivers.

The ColorCircuit Transform Library uses existing ColorCircuits; it does not create them. ColorCircuits may be created with the Profile Export Library or other Pictographics end user applications, such as inCamera.

Image Format Library

A "C" callable library that provides a high level, format independent, scanline oriented access to image files. The user does not need to know any details about the file formats. Rather, image files may be opened, scanlines read from or written to them and closed without even knowing what the image file format is. The Image Format Library supports many image file formats including EPS, BMP, TIFF and others.

The following illustration shows the library relationships in further detail. In this diagram, the files around the outside edges are in standard or defacto standard formats. Such files are useable by many other software systems and packages. The files located on the interior of the illustration are file formats designed by Pictographics and may be used by the various Pictographics libraries as shown.


This rich set of tools is provided on a range of platforms, including:

  • Apple Macintosh and Power Macintosh
  • PC (Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP)
  • Linux

No other color management system on the market includes the same quality, portability and flexibility. If your project requires high-end professional color correction, Pictographics Digital Color Technology provides the best digital color quality available.

Application Program Interface describing the Pictographics Technology Libraries are available to qualified developers.  Contact us to request a copy.

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